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Queen Elisabeth Hall

Antwerp, Belgium


Ian Simpson Architects, Design Architect; London, England
Bureau Bouwtechniek, Architect of Record; Antwerp, Belgium
Charcoalblue, Theater Consultant; London, England

Project Description

In January of 2010, the Joint Venture Team of Ian Simpson Architects, Kirkegaard Associates and Bureau Bouwtechniek was awarded the project in the international architectural competition for the redesign Queen Elizabeth Hall in Antwerp, Belgium. The new design will provide a world class concert hall and conference facility for the KMDA, the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp, and the deFilharmonie, the Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra.

Our basic goal is to transform Queen Elisabeth Hall into one of the world’s most admired concert halls in terms of its acoustics, its architecture and its capabilities to accommodate a wide range of performance, theatrical productions and conference activities. Quality of acoustics for symphonic performances has been the strongest driving force for the project and a very strong design determinant in our team’s Competition Design.

The Brief calls for the new multi-purpose hall to accommodate the following formats:

Orchestral Format: approx. 1930 seats
Theatrical Format: approx. 1850 seats
Conference Format: approx. 2050 seats

In addition to the Queen Elisabeth Hall, there are important support spaces that have significant acoustic performance requirements. Among these spaces are Loos Hall, the large ensemble and individual rehearsal spaces as well as dressing rooms and backstage support spaces.

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