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Peoples Health New Orleans Jazz Market

New Orleans, Louisiana


Kronberg Wall, Architect

Project Description

Artistic Director Irvin Mayfield wanted the new home of the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra to be a performance space for jazz artists and a community educational space. The architect transformed a derelict market, creating a gracious lobby and a 350 seat auditorium with a mezzanine-level bar and education/warm-up room. The client set clear priorities for the building, focusing on excellent natural acoustics in the auditorium and taking a relaxed attitude towards isolation and background noise. KA used curving reflectors clad in salvaged wood to create a warm, clear performance space, loud and exciting but free of harshness. A high quality audio system allows amplification of vocals and subtle enhancement of piano and bass. Sliding panels allow the free flow of sound and audience from auditorium to lobby, where a jazz archive and bar attract visitors throughout the day.

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