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Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra

Duluth, MN


Kirkegaard Associates, Acoustic Consultant
Schuler Shook, Theatre Consultant; Chicago IL

Project Description

This 2,250-seat hall boasts a new acoustic shell above the stage and musicians and side “cheek” walls in the auditorium. The new shell replaces a 1960’s relatively thin shell which tended to dilute the reverberation time throughout the hall. Kirkegaard Associates designed a new fully adjustable shell with 5″ thick wall panels and 2 ½” thick ceiling panels. As a result, this new shell mass is able to support and reflect all of the low and high registers producing a rich, full sound which can be heard by the musicians and audience. The new cheek walls in the auditorium seating area contain five (5) layers of drywall and have been designed to distribute sound evenly across the main floor. Couple this with the shell side walls, and continuity in the pattern of sound reflections is apparent throughout the space.

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