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Collin County Center for the Arts

Plano, Texas, USA


Boora Architects, Inc. Architect; Seattle WA
Theatre Projects Consultants, Theatre Consultant; South Norwalk, CT

Project Description

The Collin County Center for the Arts is an innovative public-private collaboration among the cities of Allen, Frisco, and Plano, Texas – three neighbors north of Dallas. The centrally located phased development aims to create a comprehensive arts and education complex on a scrubland site. The center of the development is a new 2,100-seat multi-purpose proscenium theater, able to present touring shows, Broadway, dance, opera, amplified music, and symphony, all at the highest quality level.

The warm, contextual architectural design by BOORA Architects gracefully incorporates acoustical shaping and carefully selected finishes. The theatrical design by Theater Projects Consultants incorporates extensive, easy-to-use, intuitive adjustable acoustics devices.

A multi-purpose room accommodates receptions, lectures, and chamber music performances.

Fund raising by the member cities is currently underway.

image credit: Boora Architects, Inc.

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