The Mountain Laurel Center’s new pavilion forms the core of a growing multi-use arts complex, and is a summer performance venue for the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Symphony Orchestras. As the seed project for this mountainside home for the arts, the acoustic design allows for a broad range of performance types, serving a 2,500 seat covered Pavilion and 7,000 lawn seats. The project includes a full stage house capable of supporting staged performance, and a pit for support of musicals and ballet. The 60′ tall covered audience chamber allows for acoustics to support symphonic performance, while adjustable acoustic curtains provide control of the natural acoustic response for amplified productions.

The audio system designed for the Mountain Laurel Center provides high-quality sound for self-produced shows and a flexible infrastructure to support touring events. The audio system will provide full-range sound to audience members on the lawn in addition to those seated in the pavilion. The main loudspeaker system uses line-array technology to provide an even distribution of sound with high-clarity within the full audience area. Sophisticated DSP technology is employed to control the various loudspeaker groups as well as the production support systems. The audio system includes distribution of audio and video signals to broadcasting facilities. Touring events may choose how much of the Center’s system to blend with their own equipment and will have access to the processing and connectivity provided by the installed system.