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University of Chicago – Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects; New York, NY
Holabird & Root, Associate Architect; Chicago, IL
Schuler Shook, Theatre Consultant; Chicago IL

Project Description

The Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts is a unique, interdisciplinary arts beacon–attracting students, artists, faculty and community together to collaborate and celebrate the creative and performing arts. Situated south of the Midway Plaisance at The University of Chicago, the Logan Center is a home for film, theater, dance, music and visual arts practitioners to mingle, experience and study art across disciplines. Informal spaces abound in corridors and stairs encouraging students and faculty to explore and forge new paradigms that stem from the influence and power of exposure to multiple disciplines in one versatile setting.

The building is comprised of an eleven-story tower and a two-story podium structure. The podium structure contains the performance hall, designed for music, dance, theater, lecture, and film. Theater East is a small end-stage theatre and is the workhorse for the theatre program. Under the saw-tooth roof that defines the podium is the white-box exhibition gallery, painting and sculpting studios, and a massive day-lit shop intended as a collaborative space for theater and visual arts. Theatre West is a flexible black-box space with a seating gallery and full complement of technical infrastructure.

The tower has a video/film production lab and editing rooms at its base. A 129-seat screening room capable of handling eight formats is located above the café, followed by alternating arts classrooms and theatre studios as visitors ascend the tower. Music practice and ensemble rooms are mixed in on many floors. The performance penthouse and the outdoor deck crown the tower.

Convergence of the arts and critical thinking is at the core of The University of Chicago. Such is the way that the Logan Center was conceived and built, and the resulting building celebrates the making of multidisciplinary connections.

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