Aidan is very passionate about music and architecture which led her to pursue a career in the field of acoustics. She has a strong understanding of how sound interacts within the built environment thanks to her studies in engineering at the University of Hartford.  Her personal background in music performance, specifically playing the saxophone, pairs well with the design of performing arts spaces, which she is eager to utilize. She is devoted to creating spaces that maximize the end-user experience through the application of acoustic principles.

Which artist inspires you and why? 

The PRISM Quartet has been my favorite and most inspirational artists. They are among the world’s best saxophonists and musicians, and they are always commissioning and performing new music. It’s quite inspiring to see them put so much energy into their ensemble and bring contemporary music to the forefront of people’s minds, all while teaching full-time at their respective universities across the country.

What excites you about the architecture and engineering industry? 

Somebody had to design the device on which you’re reading these words, the chair you’re sitting in, the building you’re occupying, and so on. That’s engineering – finding a need or a problem, and creating a solution for it. As part of the architecture and engineering industry, we get to be that somebody. We get to help shape these rooms and buildings that people will be using and enjoying no matter how acoustically-focused it is, and if we’re doing our job right, we get to continue developing new ways to solve problems.

Aidan Lueth


  • B.S.E. Acoustical Engineering & Music, University of Hartford 2023


  • Acoustical Society of America / Member