Arts projects are among the most rewarding and challenging in the building design industry. Our work spans from master planning and evaluation to design, construction, checkout / commissioning, and design of electronic performance systems.

We believe that the ideal arts facilities create a bond between performers and audience members. It is a connection that transcends the laws of physics and creates a space in which the beauty of artistic performance, or the majesty of ritual, can be fully appreciated.

Every project is unique, but we approach each consulting engagement with a distinct principle in mind. Our commitment is to bring to bear every tool and technique available to achieve excellence in acoustic design.

Amphitheatres / Outdoor

Outdoor performance facilities can range from simple festival stages to covered pavilions with extensive lawns, stage-houses, and private boxes. Careful planning of natural and amplified sound is necessary to effectively reach audience zones, while study of onstage communication, video screen size and location, environmental noise, and directionality of loudspeaker systems all play a part in realizing a successful facility.

From initial environmental noise surveys through facility programming, design, construction and commissioning, our focus on the outdoor environment realizes the gains of a holistic approach. We focus intently on creating spaces that accentuate the performance environment in any setting.

Concert Halls

Serving the traditional classical music repertoire requires an intense focus on all aspects of the performance environment. A successful project must concentrate, ultimately, on creating an intimate room that is a part of the ensemble itself.

Our comprehensive approach towards acoustics treats sound as a powerful design force. We carefully balance architectural vocabulary, functional requirements, construction techniques, and time and budget constraints. Our approach is comprehensive, our scope thorough, our points of view inclusive, our style interactive, our knowledge extensive, and our commitment complete.

Performing Arts Centres

Spaces which serve many different users require a focused approach on a wide range of acoustic demands. Music, theatre, dance, Broadway, opera, and myriad other users must all experience a performance environment that effortlessly accommodates their highest artistic expressions.

Our extensive experience in design for many art forms facilitates a design which understands and anticipates these demands. A holistic approach which integrates the natural acoustic environment coupled with a comprehensive approach to AV/multimedia systems design is our hallmark. Our successful project history bears witness to this approach.

Recital Halls

An intimate room for recital can be among the most powerful of musical performance environments. In many teaching facilities, these often double as rehearsal rooms, serving as both studio and concert hall for those seeking to learn and perfect their craft.

Introducing sound, video and multimedia into these spaces has given rise to new forms of expression, with cutting-edge technologies playing active roles as both medium and message.

Recording & Broadcasting

Facilities for recording, broadcast, media production and distance communication/learning all use technology and architecture as fundamental building blocks of communication. Today’s interdisciplinary environments must draw from multiple sources and paradigms to successfully engage audiences.

We focus beyond the individual elements of technology, bricks, mortar, and budget. Instead we seek to become part of our projects, utilizing our experience to tease forth the unique elements of each client’s program. Our work includes conceptual planning and assessment, programmatic development, and full systems design and documentation for cutting-edge content recording, production, and dissemination.


Design of a theater requires keen insight into the complex inter-relationships between the stage, the audience, and the house. The architecture must function seamlessly with a performance, yet be flexible enough in its form to adapt to the most challenging of productions. Audio, video, and multimedia systems give tremendous reach to a production, but ultimately must enhance the artistic vision. In these spaces, thought, action, perception and imagination come to life.


Sensitivity to acoustics is important throughout museum spaces. Gallery environments should be well-tailored to allow a pensive, contemplative environment free of distractions. Ambient noise, room isolation, and quiet mechanical systems should be in harmony with architectural and exhibit design. The soaring volumes that often define lobby areas should be tailored to control excessive sound buildup and prevent cacophonous discord.

Many museums rely upon auditoria to support a range of performance and spoken word events. These require skillful attention to the integration of finishes and technology. Specialty lighting and video / multimedia displays should be crafted to maximize their impact, and work with exhibition design across the sensory spectrum.

We strive to provide a flexible canvas for sight and sound in all of our projects, where many forms of artistic aesthetic may come to life.

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