Recently Opened to the Public!

Macon Bibb Gets A New Amphitheater 

The new Atrium Health Amphitheater is a 10,000-person outdoor performance space with 4,000 fixed seats and a lawn zone that seats up to 6,000. Within the facility are dedicated areas for vendors, ticketing, and retail, as well as spacious VIP Booths and green space for attendees. Located within the existing Macon Mall complex, the amphitheater is part of a larger revitalization effort for the west Macon community. Read more here.

Overcoming Design Challenges

Kirkegaard approaches every project with collaboration at the forefront. After meeting with the project team we were able to come up with solutions to Atrium Health Amphitheater’s acoustic challenges. The team collectively addressed the proximity to nearby residences and the impact sound from the venue would have on them. Additional challenges included the sound from the loudspeakers hitting the Macon Mall and bouncing back to the amphitheater seating as echoes and the geometry at the VIP suites sent sound from the loudspeakers back to stage as echoes. Kirkegaard, TVS Design, and Theatre Projectes integrated barriers into the design of the amphitheater to minimize echoes off the Macon Mall and reduced sound transmission to the residences. Our collaboration with the team was excellent. We had many productive meetings to work out and discuss all the fine details to make this venue very successful.

“The project had inherent acoustic challenges with such close proximity to residences and the Macon Mall. Controlling how sound impacts and interacts with surrounding areas required great attention from the design team to provide an enjoyable experience for those inside and outside the amphitheater. Evidence of those efforts are found in the thoughtful design of the canopy, loudspeaker positioning, site sound barriers, and the shaping and treatment of critical surfaces. We had a wonderful time collaborating with the entire project team and we’re eager to see the effect this facility has on the Macon Community.

–Michelle Huey, Consultant

Our Unique Approach to Room Acoustics, Sound Isolation, Environmental Noise Study, Mechanical Noise, and Vibration Control Services

Given the environmental noise study’s challenges, we mapped out the anticipated loudspeaker coverage of a 3-mile radius around the amphitheater to illustrate the impact on the surrounding residences. We compared this to the background noise levels we measured. This aided tremendously in the design. 



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