Fixing the Collaboration Wars, Google, Microsoft, Zoom.

AVWeek 624: Host Brian Heidergerken

Fixin’ it yourself. What companies like Microsoft are doing to let AV professionals do to fix, repair, and update their own gear. What that means for AV users. We then swing to the soft (ware) side of Microsoft as the group talks about Teams and how well they play well with others. Discussing the topics are Bren Walker, Partner for Integrated Systems Design at Kirkegaard and L. William (Bill) Nattress III, CTS-D, CTS-I of Biamp.

It won’t be one company that wins out all together because the market is big enough for there to be more than one substantial player. Features will improve as need develops. As a designer I’m looking for a platform that can gracefully support drawing.”

–Bren Walker Partner Integrated Systems