Brian Corry has extensive knowledge of architectural acoustics, sound isolation design, building engineering systems, mechanical noise and vibration control, and environmental noise abatement. His career experience ranges from performing arts facilities, casino showrooms and cultural arts centers to museums, libraries, hospitals and a convention center.

Prior to coming to Kirkegaard in 2008, Brian gained experience working on a broad range of projects as an acoustic consultant with two other acoustic consulting firms in Los Angeles, California. Brian’s academic training specialized in building engineering, and the union between architecture and acoustic design.

Since opening the St. Louis office, Brian gives lectures on acoustic design at the University of Kansas for the architectural acoustic classes.

What is one of your favorite performing arts spaces?

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles California.

Do you or have you played a musical instrument? If so, which and why? I played trumpet from 7 – 9 grade only to switch to euphonium in 10th grade at the suggestion of my band director due to struggle with braces and marching band. Bigger mouthpiece! Finally picked up a trumpet some years ago during a construction checkout visit where I feel I christened the Galvin Recital Hall at Northwestern University after 20 years of not playing. I just barely pulled off playing a scale and learned picking the trumpet back up is not like riding a bike.

Where do you go for inspiration?

Running, walking or sitting on a bench in a local park. Sometimes with music, sometimes with laptop, sometimes without anything depending on what I’m trying to think through. The fresh air, trees and sights and sounds of being outside is something I lack in my typical day working in a home office.

Brian Corry


  • BS in Architectural Engineering, 2001, University of Kansas