The legendary quality of Carnegie Hall's acoustics were the result of numerous progressive architectural modifications to the room, including the removal of part of the stage ceiling in a pre-1900 effort to stage opera in the space. Following a 1986 renovation, Kirkegaard was retained to assist in making the post-renovation architecture better match the pre-renovation acoustics. Recommendations included the use of diffusive shaping to help mitigate rear wall echoes, and the introduction of high-frequency absorption in key focusing areas above the stage.
Project Details
Audiovisual Systems Design
Room Acoustics Design
ennead (formerly Polshek Partnership), New York, NY, Architect
Abraham Melzer, Acoustics Consultant for original remodeling; collaborating consultant for corrective modifications, Tel Aviv, Israel
240,000 gsf
2,804-seat auditorium
$100 Million
New York