24 06, 2016

Queen Elisabeth Hall – Koningin Elisabethzaal Antwerpen

By |2023-02-15T08:56:07-06:00June 24th, 2016|Arts, Awards, Concert Halls, Projects|

Elisabeth Hall Antwerp brings a new world-class concert hall and conference space to life within the shell of an existing historically significant building. This new concert venue seats 1,900 in a flexible music, theatre and lecture space serving the KMDA…

28 09, 2013

University of Veracruz – Tlaqná Concert Hall

By |2023-02-15T09:43:28-06:00September 28th, 2013|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Kirkegaard designed the acoustics of a 1,500-seat concert hall for the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra, the oldest continuous orchestra in Mexico, comprised of 100 musicians from across the globe. This new home for the orchestra is located on the campus of…

16 08, 2012

Southbank Arts Precinct – Hamer Hall

By |2023-02-15T09:49:56-06:00August 16th, 2012|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

The renovation of Hamer Hall provided improved acoustics for both musicians and audience, and cutting-edge staging systems and rigging capability. Key features include new sidewalls at the stage and audience chamber and a stage canopy that can be configured for…

24 06, 2009

National Concert Hall (Competition Entry)

By |2023-02-15T08:51:41-06:00June 24th, 2009|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

We were invited by the Danish architectural firm 3XN to participate in a design competition for the National Concert Hall. The project was extensive, involving a number of other performance venues as well as social, educational, and artist support spaces.…

18 06, 2009

Hult Center for the Performing Arts

By |2022-05-12T15:15:25-06:00June 18th, 2009|Arts, Concert Halls, Performing Arts Centers, Projects|

Acoustics consulting services for improvement of symphonic acoustics, and the installation of a reverberation enhancement system for this 2,500-seat hall. The engagement included the design of a new orchestra shell for improved onstage communication and projection to the audience.

8 10, 2007

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Symphony Hall

By |2023-02-28T17:54:47-06:00October 8th, 2007|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Designed for the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra, this 2,250-seat hall boasts a new acoustic shell above the stage and musicians and side "cheek" walls in the auditorium. The new shell replaces a relatively thin 1960's shell which tended to dilute…

19 06, 2007

Sandler Center for the Performing Arts

By |2023-02-15T19:15:06-06:00June 19th, 2007|Arts, Awards, Concert Halls, Projects|

The Sandler Center for the Performing Arts in Virginia Beach’s Town Center is the heart of an innovative urban development business district. It has helped defined the new downtown by the addition of a first-rate cultural arts attraction for Virginia…

16 06, 2007

Purdue University Fort Wayne – John & Ruth Rhinehart Music Center

By |2023-02-15T19:24:38-06:00June 16th, 2007|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

The Rhinehart Music Center serves a wide range of university groups, musical ensembles, and community performance events, including a community band and youth orchestra. It offers large rehearsal rooms for band and chorus, recording room, practice rooms, classrooms, teaching studios…

11 05, 2005

Overture Center for the Arts – Overture Hall

By |2023-02-15T08:58:56-06:00May 11th, 2005|Arts, Awards, Concert Halls, Projects|

The Overture Center for the Arts created a beautiful new home for the major arts organizations of Madison, including Madison Opera. The centerpiece of the project is the 2,250-seat Overture Hall, a stunning new room for opera, dance, and musical…

18 06, 2003

LSO St Luke’s, the UBS & LSO Music Education Centre

By |2023-02-18T13:23:48-06:00June 18th, 2003|Arts, Awards, Concert Halls, Projects|

Built in 1732 and repeatedly underpinned and shored up over the course of two centuries, St. Luke’s Church on London’s Old Street finally succumbed to bad soil conditions in 1959, when the roof and interior structure were removed to prevent…

18 06, 2003

Carnegie Hall – Isaac Stern Auditorium

By |2023-02-18T09:52:53-06:00June 18th, 2003|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

The legendary quality of Carnegie Hall’s acoustics were the result of numerous progressive architectural modifications to the room, including the removal of part of the stage ceiling in a pre-1900 effort to stage opera in the space. Generations of performances…

8 06, 2003

Andrews University – Howard Performing Arts Center

By |2023-02-18T13:42:15-06:00June 8th, 2003|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

A generous donation was the impetus for the Howard Performing Arts Center at Andrews University. When dreams inevitably outstripped the budget, Kirkegaard worked with the client to develop strategies for maximizing what their dollars could buy. The client chose to…

9 02, 2003

Carnegie Hall – Isaac Stern Auditorium AV Shootout

By |2023-02-15T09:32:29-06:00February 9th, 2003|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Beginning in 2007 Kirkegaard began the process of working with Carnegie Hall to determine the best loudspeaker design for the iconic Stern Auditorium, known to most people simply as Carnegie Hall. The existing loudspeaker system had been identified in [...]

19 06, 2001

Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts

By |2023-02-18T14:01:36-06:00June 19th, 2001|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

This new performing arts facility complex contains the 1,747-seat Meymandi Concert Hall, home to the North Carolina Symphony and the 604-seat A. J. Fletcher Opera Theater, a proscenium lyric theatre that also serves as an intimate chamber music and recital…

18 06, 2001

Joseph M. Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

By |2023-02-18T14:05:06-06:00June 18th, 2001|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Meyerhoff opened in 1982 and was designed as a 2,400-seat concert hall for the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, with pops and other musical performance activities rounding-out their performance calendar. Kirkegaard was retained for an acoustics improvement renovation that took place in…

18 06, 2001

Atlanta Symphony Center – Design Study

By |2023-02-23T15:55:06-06:00June 18th, 2001|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Built in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, Symphony Center will be a cornerstone of the Woodruff Arts Center's Village of the Arts. Involved with the initial site analysis and evaluation, Kirkegaard has provided programming, room acoustics and mechanical noise control…

16 06, 2000

Franklin & Marshall College – Ann and Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts

By |2023-03-20T18:39:35-06:00June 16th, 2000|Arts, Awards, Concert Halls, Projects|

Room acoustics and mechanical noise consulting services for the renovation of a 1930's era 500-seat lecture hall to serve as a dedicated concert hall facility with upgraded lobby, backstage rehearsal rooms, and faculty offices. The hall's raked floor and new…

18 06, 1997

Chicago Symphony Center – Orchestra Hall

By |2023-02-21T12:33:12-06:00June 18th, 1997|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Design for extensive acoustics, HVAC, and architectural renovation of historic 2,600-seat hall, which included mechanical noise and vibration control, audio/video system design, organ integration, stage reshaping and enlarged acoustic volume. Design for a new annex included the Buntrock Hall rehearsal…

19 06, 1995

Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

By |2023-02-23T16:34:50-06:00June 19th, 1995|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Acoustics remodeling of the historic art deco 1,950-seat concert hall for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Acoustics modifications included a new performance platform and riser system, mechanical systems rerouting, auditorium reseating and balcony modifications, and the addition of wall and…

18 06, 1993

Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts

By |2023-02-23T15:28:44-06:00June 18th, 1993|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Acoustical Design of this multi-faceted space. The room can be re-configured to adjust from a 900-seat intimate drama theater, to a 1,500-seat lyric theater, to an 1,800+ seat European-style concert hall, to a 1,900-seat arena space. The auditorium physically adapts…

16 06, 1993

Pacific Lutheran University – Mary Baker Russell Music Center

By |2023-03-13T11:53:25-06:00June 16th, 1993|Arts, Awards, Concert Halls, Projects|

The Mary Baker Russell Music Center provides a new home for the strong choral and instrumental music programs at Pacific Lutheran University, with Lagerquist Concert Hall at its heart. The 535-seat hall has a stage sized for full orchestra or…

18 06, 1992

Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall

By |2023-02-18T14:26:01-06:00June 18th, 1992|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

Kirkegaard was engaged to implement an acoustics remodeling program to correct longstanding acoustics challenges in this 2,900-seat concert hall. Interconnected problems created challenging conditions for both musicians and audience. During a pre-engagement assessment of the hall, a San Francisco Symphony…

16 06, 1991

Rice University – Shepherd School of Music

By |2023-03-20T18:45:19-06:00June 16th, 1991|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

In 1987 Rice University hired Ricardo Bofill to create a new music building that would draw together their scattered music program under one roof. The resulting grandly-scaled neoclassical building includes a 1000-seat concert hall, a 250-seat recital hall, a black…

19 06, 1985

Ordway Center for the Performing Arts – Ordway Music Theater

By |2023-02-23T16:15:57-06:00June 19th, 1985|Arts, Concert Halls, Projects|

The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) and The Minnesota Opera were the two strongest sources of inspiration for the idea that became the Music Theater at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts. The architect, Benjamin Thompson, was a native…

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