After years of careful investigation, with help from GBBN, the Cincinnati Ballet is building themselves a new home. The new Margaret and Michael Valentine Center for Dance facility is 57,000 gsf of new construction with a project budget of $30 million. In addition to offices, the new building offers up to eight dance studios, ranging in size from 1800 sf to 3600 sf including a flexible performance space. This will increase the Ballet's space by more than 58% compare to their existing building. The facility serves the Cincinnati Balletu2019s professional academy and their lower division academy, which offers opportunities to dancers as young as 2 years old. Community outreach is an important goal for this facility. Although ballet will be the focus of the studios, the studios are expected to support a wide range of other dance styles including Modern Dance and Hip Hop. nnOur acoustics consulting addresses multiple disciplines: Isolation, Noise Control, and Room Acoustics.
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