Spaces serving the public require unique acoustic treatment. We focus on tailoring the built environment to facilitate communication, control excessive reverberation or liveness, isolate against exterior sounds, protect against noise and vibration, and incorporate cutting edge presentation / communications technology.

A successful building project will blend acoustic and architectural elements, utilizing massing, form, finishes, and infrastructure in concert with visual and electronic systems.  We strive through all parts of programming, design, and construction to achieve this goal.

Houses of Worship

A worship space is one of deep introspection, where individuals come together in shared music and experience. From the power of silence to the majesty of music and voice, a building must be more than just bricks and mortar. It must reflect craftsmanship and care, and be part of the lives that blossom, flourish, and pass to the next generation within its walls.

We work as part of a team to harmoniously wed a room’s architectural and acoustic forms, crafting the magnificence of music and speech in sacred spaces.



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