The Forum is the main spine connecting the main venues, and it is used as the center hub for encounter, interaction, receptions, and informal performances. The high-volume Performance Hall has a beautiful, versatile acoustic character. Motorized curtains concealed behind the wood grillage allow the hall to be tuned for a wide range of uses, from symphony orchestra and chorus, to concert band, jazz big band and combos, to master classes and recitals. Carefully tuned audio systems and a beautifully integrated projection system support multimedia presentations and lectures. Folding stage side walls and a shallow orchestra pit accommodate musicals, operas, and dance uses.

Each of the three largest Studios was designed with a distinct acoustic character. Dark Studio is relatively dry, well-suited to speech and loud musical uses such as jazz. Bright Studio is clear and somewhat dry; its primary use is dance classes and rehearsals. Sandbox has a clean, moderately live sound, controlled by acoustic banners; it is suited for rehearsals, recitals and receptions. The Gordon Center also offers a film screening room, recording suite, video production room, maker space, scene shop, teaching studios, practice rooms and classrooms, all thoughtfully designed and equipped. Kirkegaard worked closely with the users and design team from concept design through final tuning to provide Colby a state-of-the-art education and performance facility, with excellent acoustics and audiovisual systems.

Project Details
Audiovisual Systems Design
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
William Rawn Associates, Architect, Boston, MA
Nextstage Design