Thoughtful integrated systems design is critical for successful commercial spaces, particularly where communication, presentation and security are paramount. The importance of the acoustics design is sometimes overlooked until there is a challenging condition with a disruptive impact. We recommend considering acoustics early in the design process to best strike a balance between cost and function, creating an environment that is balanced, comfortable and supportive of its users.


In today’s built environment, corporate facilities must integrate state-of-the-art technology into spaces which aid accuracy of communication and nuance. From large group gathering spaces to small conference and teleconferencing suites, room finishes that promote clarity and control loudness must also be integrated into the design.

An office environment should control excessive sound transmission, keep background noise to low levels, and adapt to varied uses on a day-to-day basis. Audio, video, and multimedia systems must function easily for users with a wide range of technical skills as they extend communication around the globe. Our projects are designed to carefully integrate sight and sound in a seamless experience.


Noise has a substantial effect on the healthcare environment. Negative effects can include impact on caregivers and patients, elevated psychological and physiological stress levels, and poor overall communication. Speech and communications privacy is a substantial part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Machine noise and vibration from MRI and imaging technology can significantly impact adjacent spaces.

We bring to projects a design focus on complete environments including soundscape studies and site evaluation, exterior, interior and background noise levels, speech privacy, and mechanical noise and vibration control. The sound of a building can have a profound impact on its patients.


To many people, their home is the most important space in their daily life. From isolation from exterior noise and neighbors to controlling background noise from mechanical equipment, peace and quiet is something we expect from our home. Unfortunately, many residences have poor or substandard acoustics – especially multi-unit housing spaces.

Space planning, partition selection, and noise control efforts early in a design process can provide a cost-effective means to complying with pertinent ordinances and standards, as well as general expectations. We concentrate upon effective design techniques in pursuit of a client’s acoustical vision.

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