The Jim L. Fausett Theater is a 472-seat Auditorium with proscenium stage and orchestra pit. It was designed with the intention for offering an accessible, affordable space for local performing arts groups, businesses, and residents. As a multipurpose venue, uses range from Broadway musical, jazz and chamber music concerts, dance, opera, lectures, and presentation. The space serves as home to the City Circle Theatre Company and Young Footliters Youth Theatre.

The acoustic design challenges were a central concern when the project was designed. The wide range of uses required the design of acoustic curtains and banners to reduce reverberation and reflections and offer different acoustic Environments. At the same time, the design had to protect the theater from traffic and nearby fire engines, adjacent parking lot activity, and noise due to weather. Other spaces in this project include a control room, follow-spot booth, dressing rooms, and lobby, all of which needed to be designed in such a manner that their adjacencies would not interfere with the acoustics of the theater.

Project Details
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
Rohrbach Associates, Architect, Iowa City, IA
Performance Arts Technology, Theater Consultant, Iowa City, IA
7,800 gsf
472-seat auditorium
$11.2 million