Whether a space serves performance ensembles, lectures and presentations, or individual pursuits, crafting rooms for academic facilities is a key part of our focus.

All educational facilities must aspire to be the best possible learning and performance environment.  Their technology must often support both presentation and performance. They may require a live acoustic, a flexible environment, a dry sound, or absolute silence. Focused study, research, or practice in close quarters can have a profound impact on a building.

Our approach to educational design is based on a comprehensive view of all parts of the acoustic and media environment.

Higher Education

We specialize in the acoustic design of higher education environments that balance individual study with public interaction, debate, and performance.

Our work includes design coordination in spatial planning and adjacencies, room geometries,  finish selections, construction detailing, and cutting-edge audio / video / information technology systems. This comprehensive approach helps to assure that each project has the appropriate attributes to support its academic mission.

Kindergarten – Grade 12 Education

“Can my child hear what is being taught?”

The quality of classroom acoustics, background noise control, and audio and visual presentation media are all essential to today’s educational facility. A comfortable, appropriate sonic and visual environment can profoundly influence teaching spaces. A student that can’t hear an instructor or can’t see a multi-media presentation has barriers placed in their path.

We focus intensively on these spaces, to support teaching through effective design of architectural acoustics, mechanical systems, and audio / video / information technology.

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