Haverford is a prominent liberal arts college on Philadelphia’s Main Line. Kirkegaard created new teaching studios, practice rooms, and a chamber music / seminar room within the basement and backstage of Marshall’s stagehouse, a 1992 addition to the 1907 auditorium in Roberts Hall that continues to be Haverford’s largest space for concerts. The basement also includes some lightly-renovated existing practice rooms and new library facilities. The reading room for the library is a light-filled two-story space that doubles as a student lounge and as the lobby for Jaharis Recital Hall. The large flat floor in Jaharis accommodates chorus and orchestra rehearsals, and the fixed seating makes the room comfortable for recitals. Custom diffusive panels enliven the walls, and subtly-shaped gypsum board walls and ceilings keep the sound mellow. Glass walls connect Jaharis to the campus. Kirkegaard’s involvement included AV systems design for Jaharis and the large music classroom. These systems include playback, amplification, archival recording and higher quality recording, with video projection added through a grant. The AV systems are robust and flexible, with an appropriate level of complexity: simple enough for everyday use, but not so simple that they limit or frustrate the users.
Project Details
Audiovisual Systems Design
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
William Rawn Associates, Architect, Boston, MA
Theatre Projects, South Norwalk CT, Theater Consultant