The Rhinehart Music Center serves a wide range of university groups, musical ensembles, and community performance events, including a community band and youth orchestra. It offers large rehearsal rooms for band and chorus, recording room, practice rooms, classrooms, teaching studios and two performance spaces. The Auer concert hall is laid out so virtually no one is under an overhang. Its extensive array of acoustic curtains allows the room’s reverberation to be tuned to suit each performance. Its innovative canvas ceiling ensures clarity and presence while maintaining a warm, bass-rich sound. The 240-seat Rhinehart Recital Hall is an intimate space dedicated to the small performances and thoroughly isolated from the adjacent practice rooms and rehearsal spaces. The design team for the Music Center was careful to use the budget carefully, employing precast concrete throughout the building as a strategy for achieving a high level of isolation at low cost.

Project Details
Audiovisual Systems Design
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
Schenkel Schultz Architects, Architect, Fort Wayne, IN
112,541 gsf
250-seat recital hall; 1,600-seat auditorium; classrooms & student practice rooms; choral & instrumental rehearsal halls; faculty studios; art gallery; percussion studios; piano labs; administrative & community office
Fort Wayne