Kirkegaard was formed in 1976 by R. Lawrence “Larry” Kirkegaard, a pioneering figure in the field of architectural acoustics who helped to redefine the relationship between music and architecture. After being awarded a masters degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1964, Larry joined Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc., in their Cambridge office. While there, Larry studied acoustics and architectural lighting at MIT. Later he moved to Chicago to become the Regional Manager of BBN’s Midwest operation and Supervisory Consultant in charge of the architectural acoustics and theater consulting groups.

Larry Kirkegaard - Acoustic Pioneer

When BBN leadership made a strategic decision to move in a different direction, Larry decided to leverage his liberal arts background, musical interests, architectural training and extensive construction experience to create a new consulting practice focused on acoustics for the arts.

Today, Kirkegaard’s diverse team has backgrounds in architecture, architectural and electrical engineering, physics, theater arts, technical design, audio production, information technology, application development and interactive media. We deliver services for projects all over the world from three locations in North America and through partnerships in Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

Polyana and Anthony
Acoustic testing

With over 40 years in operation and data from nearly 3,000 projects, we push the envelope of what is possible, exploring new analytical techniques and novel modeling processes. Our company culture is geared toward excellence through relentless discovery. We combine our deep personal interests in music, art, drama, performance and technology with a sensitivity to the complex functional relationships and program requirements of complicated building types, striving to make each project better than the last.