Kirkegaard strengthens the human connection through sound and visual design.

We believe collaboration, care, and a variation of viewpoints result in an inclusive environment enjoyed by all. For that matter, we do not believe in labels and welcome staff of many talents that bring the synergy needed to our projects. Our staff brings a well-versed background in architecture, engineering, physics, theater arts, technical design, audio production, information technology, application development, interactive media, marketing, and finance. We are diverse in a multitude of ways, by skills, geographic location, and ethnicity.

Together, we are more than your average team, we are innovative, creative, and strategists moving into the next chapter.

Since its inception in 1976, Kirkegaard continues to evolve. R. Lawrence “Larry” Kirkegaard was a pioneering figure in the field of architectural acoustics and helped redefine the relationship between music and architecture. Today, we strive to explore and create new experiences at the intersection of sound, video, and architecture. We have expanded and strengthened our practice to provide integrated systems design services that are current with the latest trends. Our team and teamwork are integral to this future-thinking direction for Kirkegaard. We have taken the focus from one voice to a leadership team supporting and showcasing the entirety of our talented staff.

We have embraced the hybrid work culture and work from where we want to live. We currently have staff living and working from Ann Arbor, Chicago, Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Salt Spring Island, and St. Louis. This has broadened our prospective staff and helped to further exemplify diverse perspectives. Furthermore, this also allows us to engage with the local arts communities and learn what their needs and desires are firsthand.

At our core, we aspire for excellence in the arts, higher education, civic, and commercial projects we serve. We can use our judgment to navigate the complex functional relationships and program requirements of complicated building types, striving to make each project better than the last. We’ve had the great fortune to work with so many amazing owners, facility operator sites, artists, architects, engineers, theater consultants, contractors, and estimators. We wouldn’t have all the successful projects to show without their dedication and collaboration. As we approach 50 years in operation, we consider the legacy of the firm and combine that with who we are today and to chart where we want to be in the future. We hope you will partner with us in the years to come.

Haverford College

The opening of Jaharis Recital Hall has had an enormous impact… The possibilities for performance and rehearsal are endless – different configurations of the space allow for very different acoustic and visual outcomes. The flexibility of the acoustic allows us to feel as if we are in a different room from one event to the next. Finally, the beauty of the design and the incorporation of the natural landscape combine to create a sacred space for musical arts. 

Nathan A. Zullinger, D.M.A. Assistant Professor and Director of the Choral and Vocal Program Department of Music Haverford College

Kirkegaard has grown over it’s five decades. Throughout those years we have approached design ahead of the times. The timeline below displays a selection of our successful work and milestones over the years.











The only way to make a multi-disciplinary art center work was to pay careful attention to the acoustics properties of each space – both ensuring that multiple spaces could be used simultaneously while recognizing the challenges of creating flexible spaces that would house performances with different acoustical needs. Kirkegaard has been exceptional at meeting each of these challenges. …has done a wonderful job of working closely with key clients, architects and the project construction team to create spaces with wonderful acoustics.

William J. Michel – Executive Director – Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
Kirkegaard Locations