The Pleasant Hill Library located in Hastings, MN recently remodeled and expanded with an additional 1,500 square feet of new building. The County came to the conclusion that the 1994 building needed more meeting space, a redesigned children’s area, and overall update to meet the needs of a 21st century library. Kirkegaard main acoustic goals were relocation of the children’s area which in the original space was located near the entrance and main meeting room and problematic due to the bleed of children’s noise to other library spaces. Kirkegaard worked with the design team to locate the area in the back corner furthest away from most library areas, while still leaving an open feel for the overall library by not enclosing it. In addition, the location of new smaller meeting rooms and orientation of bookshelves were studied as part of the acoustic design to block sound while absorptive wall and ceiling treatment incorporated to absorb as much of the sound in the area as possible. Kirkegaard review sound isolation of the main conference room, new maker space and meeting rooms as well as recommendations to address existing noise control background noise issues.
Project Details
Room Acoustics Design
Kodet Architectural Group Ltd Minneapolis MN