Senior Consultant

Polyana Frangetto has been involved in a variety of building types with sensitive acoustic requirements. Polyana focuses her attention on room acoustics, sound isolation design and architectural integration, from concept through construction. Her current projects include the Student Life and Performing Arts Center at the New England Conservatory of Music and the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art Renovation.

Prior to coming to KA, Polyana worked on a broad range of projects such as commercial and industrial facilities, offices, and residential buildings. But it was her work on the architectural restoration and revitalization of Sala São Paulo Concert Hall, for which she coordinated and developed the acoustic elements, that led to her interest and passion for acoustics. Polyana was one of the lead acousticians for the Xalapa Concert Hall, a 1500-seat home for the Xalapa Symphony Orchestra in Veracruz, Mexico; and the Sandler Center for the Performing Arts, a 1200-seat multi-purpose theater for local arts organizations and touring groups. She was also deeply involved in the Logan Arts Center at the University of Chicago, a new building for the Visual Arts, Theatre/Dance and Music departments; and the 2200-seat multi-use Overture Hall in Madison, Wisconsin, part of the Overture Center, which also includes the renovation of the Oscar Mayer Theater and Isthmus Playhouse. Polyana can communicate in Portuguese fluently.

What is one of your favorite performing arts spaces?

The Civic Opera House in Chicago is one of my favorite performing arts spaces. Going to the Opera and walking through the lobby, the grand stairs and seeing all the beautiful and rich details adds to the whole experience. I am so please to have been a part of its most recent renovation.

Do you or have you played a musical instrument?

I played electronic organ from elementary school through college and really enjoyed its complexity of coordinating both hands and feet.

What causes do you support and why?

Greater Food Chicago Depository. They do a wonderful work in fighting hunger in addition to providing public benefit outreach and job training programs for the most in need throughout Chicago.

Polyanna Frangetto - Senior Consultant


  • Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, 1994, Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation, Sao Paulo, Brazil.