EMPAC is a signature work of architecture that brings together four main venues as well as artist-in-residence studios, audiovisual production and post-production suites, student facilities and lab spaces for cross-disciplinary collaboration under one roof. Spaces can be used independently and simultaneously for events, performances, hosting student gatherings, conducting research, and offering other opportunities for interaction and exchange between artists and researchers in science and technology.

In addition to the concert hall that is designed to be a first-rate venue for orchestras and to be equally capable of accommodating presentations with electronically generated sound and video projection, EMPAC has two flexible, experimental theaters.

With a 40’ x 80’ stage and a 70’ flytower, the 400-seat theater provides a very rare facility for experimental artists. It can be used with or without its orchestra pit and movable seating at parterre level, along the sides, allows artists to configure the theater as a proscenium space or to extend the playing area along the sides of the audience. The framing of the side galleries accommodates the attachment of projection screens and loudspeakers, allowing the audience to be immersed in virtual environments.

A “multi-modal” environment, the Goodman Studio/Theater is an exceptionally versatile space for the integration of technology with human expression and perception. Adjustable acoustic wall tiles offer a completely novel approach to the acoustics of this innovative and immersive sound environment. The studio is equally quiet and highly networked–rewarding audiences and supporting experimentation by artists and researchers alike.

Goodman Studio/Theater photo © Peter Aaron/ESTO

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