The new Ute and William J. Bowes, Jr. Center for Performing Arts does three critical things for the Conservatory: it provides housing for SFCM students; adds rehearsal and performance spaces; and supports SFCM initiatives in Technology and Applied Composition (TAC) and in Roots, Jazz and American Music. The elegant high-rise across from Davies Symphony Hall includes three double-height flat-floor rooms equipped with movable acoustic banners behind wood grilles. Two are beautiful glassy boxes for rehearsals, performances and receptions. One focuses on musical experimentation and acts as a live room for the recording studio. The Bowes Center offers teaching studios and rehearsal rooms for jazz and percussion; classrooms, offices and practice rooms, most of them equipped with electronics and playback to support the TAC program; a restaurant / jazz club; facilities for classical radio station KDFC; and ten floors of student and replacement housing.
Project Details
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
Mark Cavagnero Associates, San Francisco CA, Architect
The Shalleck Collaborative, Theater & Audio Visual Consultant, San Francisco, CA
168,000 gsf
Barbro Osher Recital Hall - up to 120 loose chairs; Cha Chi Ming Recital Hall - up to 100 loose chairs; Technology Hall - up to 60 loose chairs
San Francisco