In 2015, SFCM engaged Kirkegaard to design a new building, complementing the 2006 facility that we designed at 50 Oak Street. The Bowes Center does three critical things: provides housing for students, adds teaching, rehearsal and performance spaces, and supports new initiatives in Technology and Applied Composition (TAC) and Roots, Jazz and American Music.nThe elegant high-rise near Davies Symphony Hall includes three two-story flat-floor rooms equipped with movable acoustic banners behind wood grilles. The 11th floor Performance Hall, with stunning views and an undulating wood ceiling, is an event space and recital hall. The 1st floor Recital Hall fronts on Van Ness Avenue, its double-layer glazed wall reducing truck noise to a whisper. The basement Tech Hall supports musical experimentation and acts as an excellent live room for the recording studio. nMultiple teaching studios and rehearsal rooms designed for jazz and percussion; classrooms, offices and practice rooms, most of them equipped with electronics to support the TAC program; a restaurant / jazz club; studios for classical radio station KDFC; and ten floors of student and replacement housing round out the building.
Project Details
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
Mark Cavagnero Associates, San Francisco CA, Architect
The Shalleck Collaborative, Theater & Audio Visual Consultant, San Francisco, CA
168,000 gsf
Performance Hall - up to 120 loose chairs; Recital Hall - up to 100 loose chairs; Tech Hall - up to 60 loose chairs
San Francisco