The Santa Fe Opera has upgraded and expanded their facilities to improve the resources that support their unprecedented ability to produce excellent works and seamlessly make daily change overs to perform 5 different operatic works in the Crosby Theatre, 1 on each consecutive night during the performance season. Facility renovations and expansions have improved amenities for and celebrate performers, backstage staff, audience members, and supporters that flock to Santa Fe every performance season for the well-loved experiences and high reputation that the Santa Fe Opera is known for, both nationally and internationally.

Areas renovated and expanded encompass front-of-house patron amenities; including the box office, gift shop, dining areas, restrooms, lounges & plazas; and back-of-house support facilities; including those for music practice, audio-video mastering, offices, performer dressing, and specialty shops to design and create theatrical elements. Added connectivity has improved patron circulation with a new elevator and a bridge introduced between the theatre mezzanine and patron lounge building. Video projection systems added provide new opportunities for integrating expanded visual creativity into theatrical scenery.

In close collaboration with the project’s architects and engineers, Kirkegaard provided acoustics and noise/vibration consulting throughout the design and construction phases of work. Key aspects included establishing material selections that remain true to the aesthetic palette of the Santa Fe Opera architecture while providing environments that control sound reflection paths and sound build-up and thereby foster communication between patrons, performers, and backstage workers. Special attention was given to architectural elements and equipment selections, design, and the operation of air tempering and heat/fume extraction systems to control noise sources within the facilities and those surrounding the open-air theatre, all while maintaining the excellent vistas to the surrounding mountains.

Project Details
Audiovisual Systems Design
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
MAD l Matiz Architecture and Design, Architect, New York, NY
Schuler Shook, Theatre Consultant, Chicago, IL
Additions: 32,500 gsf, Renovations: 39,000 gsf
2,128 seats
Santa Fe