At Kirkegaard our work is rooted in the sciences of sound, light and perception. We understand systems architecture, networks and the devices that operate on them to create user experiences that surprise and delight.

Architectural Acoustics by Kirkegaard

Our architectural acoustics work includes three service areas: Room Acoustics, Noise/Vibration Control and Sound Isolation.

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics is the shaping of rooms and the detailing of their finishes, in close collaboration with the architect, to create acoustic environments that support the activities that occur in those rooms. One of the greatest values we offer is our balanced judgment, developed over hundreds of projects, which allows us to weigh competing requirements while making the best use of available funds. We prefer to be involved in the design process from initial programming through final acoustic tuning.

Noise and Vibration

Noise/Vibration Control

Noise/Vibration Control is the design of mechanical systems to provide comfortable, well-balanced levels of background noise, free of rumble, whoosh, hiss, and tonal noise. We work closely with the mechanical engineer, establishing space-by-space noise criteria, providing design guidelines for the engineers’ use, and developing acoustically appropriate system concepts, equipment locations, and layouts of duct, pipe and conduit runs. We also work with the electrical engineer to avoid hum and buzz from the lighting and power systems.

Sound Isolation

Sound Isolation

Sound Isolation is the design of walls, windows, doors and floor/ceiling assemblies to control sound bleed from the exterior and from other spaces within the building. Our goal is to allow all spaces in the building to function simultaneously without disturbing each other by using space planning, structural separation and special assemblies.

Integrated systems

Our Integrated Systems work includes audiovisual (AV) systems design.

Audio Technology


High Performance Sound System Design and Upgrades

Audio/Video Presentation and Conferencing

Wireless Microphone and Personal Monitoring Systems

Recording and Podcast Studios

Distance Learning and Hybrid/Hyflex Delivery

Public Address and Paging

Sound Masking

Production Communications

Visual Technology


Broadcasting and Live Streaming

Digital Signage

Video Projection

Digital Cinema

Video Capture

Virtual/Extended Reality Video

Performance Video/LED Wall

Networking Technology


Low Voltage Infrastructure

Structured Cabling

Audio Video Networking

Fiber Optic Connectivity

Unified Communications

Distributed Antenna System Coordination

Wireless AV Control

We help our clients match their goals and desires to their budget, and manage decision-making with the dynamic nature of selecting and implementing technology.


  • Systems Evaluation and Assessment
  • Technology Master Planning
    Owner Representation
  • Standards Development
  • Space Programming and Planning
  • Data Center and Equipment Room Planning
    Risk and Vulnerability AssessmentsDesign


We design standalone installations and facility-wide projects that require careful architectural integration as a part of new construction or a renovation. We collaborate with teams to establish architecturally acceptable locations for components and devices. We provide requirements and design flexible infrastructure that supports currently installed systems and allows for equipment to be swapped out easily as newer components and technologies become available.

We are networking experts who offer local, wide area and wireless network planning and design, with specializations in audio and video over IP networks. We take pride in designing control systems that facilitate ease of use and provide user interfaces that gracefully support efficiency and task accomplishment.

Construction Administration and Commissioning

Prior to construction/installation, we typically produce bid documents and specifications and carry out the bidding process, including requests for proposals, bid review and analysis. During construction, we provide contractor oversight and observe the progress of the systems installation.

When the installation is complete, we tune the systems at final commissioning. Lastly, we provide post-occupancy assessments and recommendations, particularly for clients who want to maintain “state-of-the-art” systems and facilities.

Integrated systems
San Francisco Bowes Center

People love the space and the view…  In fact, the acoustics are so good that Garrick (Ohlsson) is recording Chopin in that space… As a showcase space that sounds great—it can’t be touched… We love the Bowes Center and it has been a tremendous success.

David H. Stull, President – San Francisco Conservatory Music


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