Kirkegaard worked closely with Rohrbach Associates PC Architects during design and construction on The Chauncey in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. The 15 story building mix use tower includes 3 film theatres, a bowling alley / arcade, lobby/gallery, coffee shop Fix!, office space on level 3-4, Hotel Chauncey 5-8, and condo units on level 9-15. The 3 film theatres, 2 with raked seating and 1 flat floor, are operated by FilmScene, a non-profit cinema with additional existing theaters in downtown Iowa City. The project included remodeling of Chauncey Swan Park just north of the building with the intent that it can be used for outdoor movies. The challenges included sound and vibration isolation of the theaters from adjacent to the bowling alleys, restrooms, and mechanical equipment as well as from theater to theater. The alleys and pin setters for the bowling alleys rest on a vibration isolation subfloor to reduce impact into the building structure. Room finishes in the theaters were critical to the function of the room where loudspeakers ,both main and surround, were located on all walls aimed at the audience seating. The sound absorptive wall surfaces range in thickness from as thin as ¼” thick on the lower walls closest to the audience and up to 4” thick at the rear wall and behind the screen. A multiple layer spring hung gypsum board noise barrier ceiling was installed over the Theaters and Bowling Alley to protect against noise transmission to/from the office spaces above. Kirkegaard completed room acoustics, sound isolation and noise control design.
Project Details
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
Rohrbach Associates PC Architects, Architect, Iowa City, IA
$55 million
Iowa City