The home for the Cavalier Marching Band is the two-story Hunter Smith Band Building which was named after Carl and Hunter Smith who initially founded the band in 2003 before funding the building in 2009. The building contains a 4,000 square feet rehearsal hall for the marching band to practice indoors during inclement weather. The rehearsal space can accommodate the 225-250 musician marching band and is also used by the basketball band, Olympic sports ensemble, wind ensemble and concert band. Also included are a multi-purpose practice space, practice rooms, offices and storage for instruments and uniforms. The room acoustics in the rehearsal hall and multi-purpose room were key to the success of the building. The acoustic environment for a marching band wants to be "dry" to control loudness. This environment is more similar to the outdoor environment where the marching band will be performing. The room features acoustic fabric wrapped panels, acoustic spray-on ceiling treatment, and an adjustable sound absorbing velour curtain. In addition, there is an overhead canvas acoustic reflector providing useful sound reflections between the musicians.
Project Details
Mechanical Noise Control
Room Acoustics Design
Sound Isolation
William Rawn Associates, Architect, Boston, MA
Theatre Projects Consultants, Theater Consultant, South Norwalk, CT
17,900 gsf
Band rehearsal hall, Sectional rehearsal hall