Alumnae Hall is the largest assembly space at Wellesley College. The original 1923 beaux arts building by Cram and Ferguson consisted of a 1,300-seat auditorium with a ballroom below, equal in size to the auditorium. Kirkegaard installed a new audio and video system and dramatically improved isolation between the Ballroom and both the Auditorium and Jones Theater. Kirkegaard also worked with the mechanical engineer on new quiet air conditioning systems for the building. Subtle adjustments to the natural acoustics of Barstow Auditorium and the Ballroom help them to be more effective spaces for their wide range of uses. The renovated space seats 1,000. LEED Gold Certified.

Project Details
Audiovisual Systems Design
Mechanical Noise Control
Sound Isolation
Ann Beha Associates, Architect, Boston, MA; Fisher Dachs Associates, Architect, New York, NY
1,000-seat auditorium
LEED Gold Certified